Stories from BH Lines and Comms Departments and pictures of the demolition of BH Extension

I have just thrown these pages together to record people's stories about BH Lines and Comms Departments as BH extension is now being demolished and memories will fade in time.

I am not sure how this is going to grow and I may well have to re-design the pages as time goes on.

I have made pages for stories from each separate section in the Department, but if anyone thinks of more sub-sections needed, please tell me and I will include them.

I had not intended this to be a site full of pictures but a few relevant ones seem to have just 'slipped in' so I have had to make several pages for them.
Follow the links just below here.

Chris Dale's site at  is better for pictures

Click on the 'thumbnails' in the pages to get a bigger version.

Please send me your (publishable) stories to for inclusion. Preferably divided by section so I can just copy and paste. No editing will be done so it's up to you all to GET IT RIGHT!

I have put in a few of the names I can remember - any more appreciated.

If you don't want to be credited, please say so.

I hope it raises some happy memories!

I have also included a few links to other relevant Comms and BBC type sites if you are interested. Follow the link at the bottom of this page.

I am not sure how to keep this up to date but will try to add a note when there are new entries in each section.

Mike Jordan

Pictures and Links:-

Page 1 - Pictures of the demolition of BH Extension
and a couple of general old pics and a historical window display 
Last updated - 19th June 2007  11:26    
Page 2 - possibly the last pictures of the Comms bits being demolished Last updated - 19th June 2007  11:26    
Page 3 - some more pictures taken by me of what is now a big hole in the ground Last updated - 12th October 2007  00:20  
Page 4 - Demolition Pictures from another source!!   Last updated - 12th October 2007  00:20    

New Broadcasting House Community magazine  

(Opens in new browser window)
Last updated - 25th June 2007  23:16  

Link courtesy of Tony Hosking

 Pictures of various BH Comms things
including the departmental picture at George Stannard's retirement
Last updated - 12th April 2007    

Comms and BBC-type links Last updated - 28th June 2007 - Dave Reddington's ATA closing pictures  

A page with LOCO stories and pictures Last updated - about 12th November 2010  

A short guide to Broadcasting House
  a new leaflet in pdf format
Last updated 19th June 2007 11:26   

The Stories:-

Click on the subject line to go to the page   Updated
Woodnorton and Comms courses. 24th October 2006  17:49  
Field Group. 12th April 2007  23:00       
SB and Sound Test Room. 18th October 2006  22:40
Switching Centre. 4th January 2008  23:35          
Telecomms Test Room. 22nd January 2007  23:40   
Audio and Telecommunications Area (ATA) 22nd January 2007  00:04      
Maintenance. 6th December 2006  14:30   
Sound Records. 25th October 2006  17:00    
Circuit Allocation Unit. 24th October 2006  18:30  
Teleprinter Maintenance. 22nd November 2006  23:23    
Comms Headquarters (Duchess Street) 19th October 2006  12:17
HQ vision (Frank Rice's little empire) 17th October 2006  14:00
HQ Telecomms 17th October 2006  14:00

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