This is the first page of pictures taken during the demolition of BH Extension.

There is a second page HERE with what are of the final days of SWC and the ATA and the other Comms areas.

And a third page HERE with some pictures looking down into the big hole that was The Extension.

There is a fourth page HERE with photos taken by Dave Oldman who worked in Control Room.

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Demolition pictures  taken 10th October 2006

Early demolition of ATA    Courtesy Andy Hame Hallam Street showing the sticky out bit in front of ATA and SWC demolished
View into the remains of SWC Another view of SWC and the SWC office
Comms Maintenance - Hallam Street view Comms Maintenance from Duchess Street
Scaffolding around BH Extension

Some more demolition pics taken on 23rd October 2006    

More cleared out from SWC
Frank Rice's workshop - empty!

More demolition pics taken on 4th December 2006   

Hello is that Switching Centre?
Designs Department in Western House here.
I wonder if you can help?
We seem to have lost our video feeds.
Do you think there is a cable fault?
Switching Centre about to disappear behind the screens.
Shortcut to the basement under the Field Group 'rest room' Tunnelling for Colin under the ATA?
To visit Switching Centre, just come to Hallam Street Reception. More of BH scaffolded and hidden from view
Start of the new building.
17m long piles driven into the ground outside SWC with load beam across top.
The outside wall is at the pavement edge!

Pictures taken 23rd December 2006   

More tunneling under ATA  More tunnelling under SWC - showing where the piles are going.
ATA (and Laurenson's office/Deferred Facilities)disappear under scaffolding.
It looks like the WRT dish on the re-built Egton House as well.
No you can't come in this door to get to SWC.
I don't care if you have heavy equipment. I'm a 'jobsworth'
Nice to see the BH underground Car Park entrance is still decorated with a very high quality Christmas tree. Well at least Control Room windows are still open!!
TCPD always went over the top when they wanted to crane down the 2ft Wrotham dish off BH roof.

Pictures taken 5th March 2007     
Extension demolished down to about the 5th Floor

BH Extension from Hallam Street View from next to All Souls Church
Peeping through the hoardings.
Note Control Room still uncovered and Christmas tree still in situ.
Still going down below ATA
Bit off topic but:-

ATA lunch outing anyone?

Pictures taken 26th March 2007     
Extension demolished down to about the 2nd Floor and crane installation outside ATA & SWC

Demolished down to 2nd Floor.
Just Control Room to go now.
Langham Street Car Park seems a bit full today.
Crane arrives to lift out the SWC Stop Coils? Crane being constructed.
Traffic Jam in Hallam Street. The only way into Maintenance?

Pictures taken 2ndApril 2007      
2nd Floor being demolished, views inside of 2nd floor and crane outside ATA & SWC

Duchess Street appears behind All Souls Church Duchess Street closer.
Second floor exposed.
CAU and Field Group Offices destroyed.

(Courtesy of Andy Hame's friend Joe)
Second floor Exposed.
Teleprinter Switchboard and ADX anyone?

(Courtesy of Andy Hame's friend Joe)
Last days for the Control Room windows? Piling outside ATA.
The big crane outside SWC.
(spot the join?)

Pictures taken 8th April 2007      
2nd Floor being demolished, holes into ceiling of Control Room

Holes in Control Room Ceiling Holes in Control Room Ceiling

Not strictly a BH demolition pictures but a bit of history nonetheless   

Roving Eye vehicle (RE1) parked on the roof of BH stronghold in 1954
Stronghold history. Last view inside the Stronghold?
New Window display at the front of BH on about 10th June.
What do we all recognise?
Closer view of nice old kit.

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