Some pictures taken by me of the work in and around the big hole where the Extension used to be!

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Newest pictures at the bottom!

Big Hole pictures  taken 8th October 2007  

Pile of rubble that was below the Hallam Street entrance..
Props holding up Hallam Street.

Supports holding up Duchess Street.
(and compressor in Maintenance)

More of the supports holding up Duchess Street.

I think a couple of diggers are in the GPO frame room!!
Portland Place side of the 'Hole'

Taken through the new Observation Window in the Portland Place Hoarding.
Clearly shows the rubble left under the corner of the ATA and the Hallam Street Entrance.

Looking straight down through the window into the sub basement below the extension.

The way down into the 'Hole' from Duchess Street.
Probably the last retaining walls of The Stronghold and remains of the Langham Street Car Park.

Crane with Western House behind.
End wall of 'Old BH' and the sub basement.

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