Most of these pictures were taken by Dick Oldman.

worked for the BBC from 1964 to 2004. Most of that time was in Radio although he did have a quick look-see at TV (Lime Grove). He started in the London Control Room but soon moved to a newly formed Recording Unit. That only lasted two or three years before he was reorganized back to LCR. There he eventually became an ATOM (Assistant Technical Operations Manager), later he got reorganized again and became a TDM (Technical Duty Manager), a job he never actually did because he acted as a TOM for a while before getting the post for real. In his final reorganization
he became a BDM (Broadcast Duty Manager) which he did with four others for about 17 years before he retired. Somewhere in there was an attachment to Radio OBs!

Dick remembers working the TV/OB position and putting in EV3, EV5 or EV12 or a combination of them. He also remembers visitors from ATA popping in with the settings, especially of SB replacements. Good fun in those days,
although He can't remember any names. Obviously he knew Roger (Garner?) and, of course, Geno who used to always ring from Swains where he was about to do something nasty. There was also another one he remembers but his name escapes him but he has a feeling he was Ordained but he is not sure.

He also knew some in SWC but their names, sadly, have long gone!

The last few of pics give a good aerial view into the space under the Cash Office.  They were taken by someone who wishes to remain anonymous!

A new section right at the bottom has some aerial photos of the hole by our anonymous photographer.  

As usual, click on the thumbnail to see a larger version.

Hammering away at The Stronghold roof.

Aerial views from 'Old' BH and of the surrounding area. (Mostly taken in July 2007)


The  following photos were taken from the roof of Western House.
Generally the site is now a lot tidier with hardly any dumps or fields of
rubble.  The sub-basement is definitely exposed to the elements along the western side.  You can also see the temporary shoring going in along Portland Place. This will eventually be replaced by the new Giken piling that has already been done along Duchess Street and Hallam Street sides.
The existing cranes are due to be gone by mid August to be replaced by the
first construction phase crane.  The BHX floor slab needs to be broken and removed. They think it will come easily since being bedded on soil it will crack readily.  But first they need to de-couple it from BH!!!! 






Some more pictures from "Anon". Taken on 7th October 2007.  

View from Western House showing the shoring up of Portland Place.

View from Western House showing the remains of the
Sub- Basement under 'Old BH'

View from Western House showing the shoring up of Duchess Street.

View from Portland Place with the remains of the Stronghold seemingly left in place to give added support to Duchess Street.

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