Probably the last pictures of SWC, ATA and the ground floor Comms Offices - taken during the demolition of BH Extension

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Demolition pictures  taken 29th April 2007  

No more money in the Cash Office! Even less in the Cash Office.
Bob Spenceley's Office. Ground Floor Offices and Ivan's Workshop in ruins.
Who stole the first floor? Stronghold Roof.
I'm very sorry to keep you but Control Room OB position is closed for the afternoon. The old Continuity windows.
Hello, can I help you? - Control Room SB Position (NOT) here Is that SWC? It's Control Room here. I hear strange knockings under my feet. Would you mind going outside to have a look and see whats up?
Hallam Street Car Park entrance and more Duchess Street on view. No more Radio OB vehicles in THIS Car Park methinks.

Demolition pictures  taken 1st May 2007   

View from Old BH 8th Floor down into SWC.
Another view down into SWC.

Oh dear ther's a big hole in Telecomms/ATA roof - just over Mick Walkeling/Alan Bowman/Colin Seabright's head.
And Teleprinter maintenance doesn't look ver waterproof either!

Well at least All Soul's Church is still standing - together with the equisite building of the St George's Hotel

I think the conduit was the mounting for the lights by the front row of bays in the Apparatus Room.

Look you can see right into SWC!!

Who has put that gert great yellow thing in the SWC Office?
Good job Ken and I moved the 'House Distribution Bay' - there seems to be a big hole where it was in the corner of maintenance.
Not much work done in SIS Maintenance today. Always said  the place would fall down before we managed to mend the High Level Send Amps.
Duchess Street Comms HQ - lives on! Radio Maintenance under Control Room in Lower Ground Floor.
The BT Tower outlives us all - even though eclipsed by the cranes.

Probably my last Pics  taken 7th May 2007     

Who stole SWC? SWC floor appears.
ATA support pillars on view and remains of the staircase. Another view of the last of the ATA.
Maintenance floor needs a good sweep up! At least Western House survives (more than can be said for most of Designs and Equipment Department)
Western House again. And again!
Rubbish on stronghold roof. Comms rubbish heap.
Part of the new Egton House viewed across the devastation of BH Comms. Now who remembers what this doorway used to lead into? (Clue - it's almost time for the Proms again)
Goodbye view from Hallam Street.

Despite earlier entry - here are some more taken on 22nd May 2007    

Flattened Maintenance Rooms Another Maintenance View
New 3ft Co-ax ready to be installed between SWC and GPO Tower??? They really must stop rubbish being dumped in Duchess Street Car Park.
Load of old Scrap really Portland Place basement areas.
More of the Portland Place end. So thats what's under the Portland Place entrance.

Despite earlier entries - here are yet more taken on 9th June 2007    

They finally got rid of the stronghold with explosives. One picture below shos the holes drilled in what would have been teh floor of Bob Spenceley's office where the charges were about to be put.

Stronghold demolition This shows the plugged holes (under the crane) for the explosive charges
The basement showing under the left hand digger was presumably the basement area under Teleprinter Maintenance. More general view of the demolition.
I think this is just the remains of the Duchess Street pavement - inside the hoardings. Removing the rubble. I am told it is all crushed and re-cycled rather than being put in a landfill.Who knows - BH may return to a road surface or superstore near you!!
More rubble disposal. Looks like this is under the Portland Place entrance door.
Girders that used to support the Cash Office at Portland Place end of the building.

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