Some BH Pictures and other bits

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George Stannard's retirement in 19??

Click on the thumbnail to see larger version or HERE to see an annotated version with some names (more required please!)

Block Schematics from the Coronation in 1953 (Courtesy Roy Carpenter)  All open as pdf files (Adobe acrobat)

Overall Block Schematic   Incoming Circuits to BH External Circuits

And who can remember why the Faraday to BH circuit was 2 x 3/8" Co-ax used as 'Balanced Pair"  Answers on a postcard to BH SWC  LG23.

More Coronation pics (courtesy of Alan Baukham)

Inside SWC and the temporary Control Room at BH Coronation circuits - pictorial version

Not strictly a BH Comms picture but a bit of BH history nonetheless   

Roving Eye vehicle (RE1) parked on the roof of BH stronghold in 1954
Stronghold history. Last view inside the Stronghold?

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