Stories from Comms HQ
 (Duchess Street)

Wally Scott

More names please!

Mike Steed tells of early 'demise of Comms' event:-

Back in the 70's Comms management were worried that kit was "walking" out of BH. So they instructed the commissionaires to prevent any Comms
staff leaving the building carrying any equipment.

But within days, the teleprinter mechanics found that their urgent trips off site, with a teleprinter under their arms, were being scuppered by
this new regime. I think we nearly lost the Grandstand in-shot Football Results because of this new rule.

So a new promulgation went out to the commissionaires that Comms staff were allowed to carry out teleprinters, but nothing else.

The next week Wally Scott was stopped at the BHX entrance hauling a huge Telequipment oscilloscope.

"You can't leave the building with that" said the uniform.

"Why not?"

"Comms engineers are only allowed to take teleprinters out of the building"

"This IS a teleprinter" Wally lied.

"Then let me hold the door open for you, sir" 

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