Some Comms-type links.

My page similar to this but aimed more at Tel OBs people (however you are welcome to visit).

BBC Comms Department (mainly BH stuff).

Dave Reddington's Home page

and his ATA closing party pictures here:-

The rest are not strictly BBC Comms pages but contain much of interest.

This site is all about GPO/BT telephones and I am sure some of us will remember types of BTs (block terminals) when scrambling around on buildings doing Lines Tests - well those of us from Field Group anyway!  

The VT oldboys site with loads of pictures from Wood Norton and (obviously) loads about VT.

Old SMs.

The Alexandra Place Television Society.

All about BH and general 'Vintage Broadcasting' from Roger Beckwith

More about BH, this time from Mike Todd

Tech Ops Nostalgia page (Cameras/Sound etc)

BBC Engineering Information recollections page. 

Vintage Broadcasting - including old Trade Test films and Pirate Radio

The TV Ark - A television museum.

The National Museum of Photography, Film and  Television in Bradford

Richard Lamont's scan of an ITA handbook first published in 1970. 

WARNING - this scan is a 12Mb pdf so it will take a while to download and is probably out of the question if you still have dial-up access (surely you don't do you?)

Martin Kempton's very full pages with a history of TV studios in London (BBC and ITV)  

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