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SB network in 1955
The SB network in 1955 as ordered for the provision of the Third Programme Another responsibility - Network Routings - BBC1 South All done with stencil and Rotring pen - how do they manage without GPO copper?

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John Moberley
Pat Morris (the Clerk who later became VT lecturer at Wood Norton)
Alan Baukham
Derek Oliver
and all the TAs on rotation

Mike Jordan remembers:-

Analysing the 'bog rolls' after the weekend Routine Line Tests and sending out TCU change information.

Trying to turn GPO line information into other categorys and designing TCU steps.

Keeping 'Network Routings' up to date. No PCs or DTP software then - just Rotring pen, Stencil and Tippex.

Inventing names for new stations/premises (usually obvious but why is Winter Hill BBC 'WRV' and GPO was 'Y/RIV'
It's very sad but I can still (35years after) remember most of them.

Alan Baukham had fun there as well:-

When I did my time in the sound records office we had Jerry Mcgrogan as the Grade C engineer and then Barry Oliver. Pat was in the other room with John Moberly who was always doing control room logs and fault reports. Pat typed the circuit records and regional paper work for the bander machine. He quite
often made mistakes and when pointed out to him for retyping would sometimes go off in a huff and slam the joining door.

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