Stories from the SB Test Room, and later
Sound Test Room

Colin Seabright
Rusty Waters - SB lines man always
Ken  Turner - London Lines and OBs (according to Alan Baukham)
Dave Reese  (thank you Alan Baukham for the full name)

Mike Jordan remembers:-

The Seabright uniselector exchange (don't know why this is memorable!!)

Dave (?) making a pendulum clock for Laurenson's retirement from equaliser SB coils, Telephone bells filled with solder for the pendulum, a telephone dial to tell the time by (that must have been hard telling time between 0 and 9) all powered by brown telephone batteries.

Colin Seabright coming up behind you while doing a lines test when there was 12Kc/s carrier breakthrough and saying "CPFU" behind you. (Carrier Phantom Filter Unit for the uninitiated). Later became FL4!

We used to take extended lunches (even with Colin in charge) and go down to The Paris Studio to attend the recordings of 'Round The Horn'

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