These pages cover the gradual demolition of KA.

I started with just one simple page but that got very big and so I have now divided the pictures up into three separate pages.

The original pictures (from 21st March to 8th April) are HERE

The next lot (from 11th April to 18th April) are HERE

and the rest  with the final stages of demolition are HERE

I have added yet another page back in July with some pictures of the start of the new building work and a few donated by Stevie Locking of the demolition itself and have just added some pictures of the new buildings on the site

In the meantime, don't forget the original sets of pictures taken as KA was being cleared out HERE  and the pictures when it was deserted are  HERE

As I said previously, I haven't made any attempt to label these pictures, but have added a few choice words on some of the pages that open.

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  Gareth Rowlands sends the message below - take a look at the link!

I had a bit of a laugh at the name the marketing people dreamt up to describe their new estate of warehouses ...... For the full leaflet, follow the link below. 

or just marvel at this low quality version.

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