These pages contain my pictures taken in the last few days at KA.

I have divided them up into sections so the pages aren't too big - select whatever interests you!

If you want to download lots of the big versions, would you mind doing it outside the (UK) hours of 16:00 to 24:00 as my ISP has a limit on downloading between those times and I don't want to get all my allowance used up too quickly - thanks.  Mike

Before we start, some of you may be interested in the article, about the closure of KA, published in 'Prospero' (the BBC 'old Farts' magazine).  I have posted it HERE  in PDF format

The picture pages are as listed below. As usual, you can click on the thumbnails on the pages to see the 'big picture'

Comms type pictures

Pictures of the outside of the building

Offices and Corridors

Scanner Hall, Stores and Trucks

Test Rooms and Workshops

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