Alan Woolford kindly leant me these pictures, Click on the thumbnail to see the larger version.

Eagle Tower and Van.

Probably Boat Race Lonsdale Road

Eagle Tower and Van.

Probably Lonsdale Road again

Old Links Van
Probably Lonsdale Road.

John Watts comments:-
All links vans are pre 1957 when the first Austin as we knew them arrived

Rigging PTA1.
Note good Health and Safety arrangements.

John Watts comments:-
PTA was rigged like this in my time causing ladder to be elevated when forgotton! Have no idea who the
people are but probably pre 1957

Water Tower somewhere in Essex?

John Watts comments:-
The Water tower maybe at Havering-Atte-Bower next to
St. Francis Hospice, never used in my time!
Links are probally STC 4GHz with waveguides
over the top, which I only saw pictures of but Rxs were bay mounted in SWL/CP.
I think also Rxs IFs+Discriminators became part of first DD Band V Rxs.

Alan Woolford and Duggie Tudenham digging in
at Cairn'O'Mount for first TV to Aberdeen

Newspaper report of Alan and Duggie's
heroic midpoint at Cairn 'O' Mount

RE2 at Lingfield

Outside Palace of Arts - Wembley

Tower of London
Probably Churchill's Funeral 1967

Richard Dimbleby in Comm Box
Probably Churchill's Funeral

Pye MK VI at Henley Regatta 1964

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